Our Team

We have a growing dedicated team with offices located in San Francisco and Los Angeles committed to Brilliant Corners’ mission and goals of providing affordable, community-based housing to the individuals we serve.

Senior Leadership
Bill Pickel, Executive Director
Robert Pascual, Director of Finance
Barry Benda, Director of Housing Services
Wendy Moorhouse, Director of Supportive Housing Management
Sami Abdelatif, Director of Housing Development

Renee Escalante, Operations Manager

Housing Development
Rodger Twitchell, Regional Development Manager
Melviney Thompson, Senior Project Manager
Ping Chan, Senior Project Manager
Nicholas Van Kleek, Project Manager
Serena Fields, Project Manager
Juan Lopez, Project Manager
Tony Kouot, Project Manager
Rennie Newton, Project Manager
Patrick McGranahan, Project Manager
Marco Mendoza, Project Coordinator
Heather Wilson, Project Coordinator
Sit Sin, Project Coordinator

Housing Services
Travis Klingelberg, Program Manager (San Francisco)
Sophia Miljanich, Program Manager (Los Angeles)

Property Management
Alana Criddell, Regional Property Manager (Los Angeles)
Katherine Chandler, Community Manager (Octavia Court, San Francisco)

Housing for Health/Scattered-Site Housing
Tyler Fong, Program Director (Los Angeles)
Lisa Johnson, Program Manager (Los Angeles)
Chris Contreras, Housing Supervisor (Los Angeles)
Armando Salazar, Program Supervisor (Los Angeles)
Maiya Guillory, Program Supervisor (Los Angeles)
Jasmine Brizuela, Program Supervisor (Los Angeles)
Justin Dae,  Real Estate Acquisitions Manager (Los Angeles)
Nelly To, Program Manager (San Francisco)
Jennifer Malvoux, Program Supervisor (San Francisco)

Veterans Services
Sarah Nighswander, Program Manager (San Francisco)
Brenda Garcia, Program Manager (Los Angeles)