Get To Know Us

Brilliant Corners develops homes for persons with developmental disabilities. We provide permanent supportive housing that meets the unique needs of each individual we service. We believe housing is the cornerstone of health, well-being and independence. Every day we listen to people who face seemingly insurmountable barriers to living in the community because of a disability, and we provide housing and services customized to ensure their success. Because when each individual has a corner of the world to call their own, our whole community shines.

Common Questions from Neighbors:

+Who will be living in the home?
Brilliant Corners develops homes, in conjunction with local Regional Centers, for individuals who are diagnosed with a developmental disability.

+What is a developmental disability?
As defined in the Welfare and Institutions Code 4512(a), the term developmental disability refers to a substantial disability that is attributable to a life-long intellectual or physical impairment. The disability must begin before the individual reaches the age of eighteen. These disabilities include intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, and disabling conditions closely related to intellectual disability or requiring similar treatment.

+What is the California Department of Developmental Services?
The California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) is the State agency that provides administrative oversight to California’s 21 regional centers. DDS has the primary responsibility for overseeing, assessing, and monitoring the regional centers’ delivery of services and supports to individuals who are eligible to receive regional center services (consumers).

+What is a Regional Center?
Regional centers are independent, nonprofit, private corporations that operate under contract with DDS. Under State law, the regional centers are responsible for coordinating, providing, arranging, and purchasing all needed services and supports identified in the consumer’s Individual Program Plan.

+Is this some kind of sober living or rehab home?
No. When purchased, the home is deed restricted and may only be used as housing for individuals that have a developmental disability. Each home is designed to assist individuals to live as independently as possible in the community. If desired by the resident, the home can remain the resident’s home for their lifetime. When vacancies occur, the local regional center will provide referrals of new residents.

+Your company has housing programs for probationers and chronically homeless. How do we know that you won’t change the use of this home for other programs?
For every property, a Restrictive Covenant recorded against the property title occurs at the close of escrow. This covenant restricts the occupancy of the home to only those individuals who are eligible to receive regional center services.

+Will this affect property values?
The homes are attractive and very well maintained. Our property management department ensures that the landscaping and regular maintenance is timely completed. Please click this link for a virtual tour of a recently completed home that represents the homes we develop. For privacy reasons of the individual residents, we do not share specific addresses.

+Will this home create a lot of traffic in the neighborhood?
Typically, Brilliant Corners can satisfy its parking needs with off-street parking, as well as parking immediately in front of the home. Throughout the site selection and renovation design process, Brilliant Corners is mindful of the need to ensure adequate off-street parking. If traffic or parking is ever an issue, there will always be a friendly and receptive person you could discuss your concerns.

+Will Brilliant Corners operate the home?
Brilliant Corners is responsible for the acquisition, rehabilitation and long-term property and asset management. We will lease the home to an independent service provider agency that will provide 24/7 direct care to the residents. The service provider operates under contract with the participating regional center.

+Why is a business allowed in a residential neighborhood?
Although it may appear as though this is a business operating in a residential neighborhood, the home will continue to be used as a residence. Brilliant Corners and the service provider are there to assist individuals so that they may live successfully in their own home.

+How many staff people will be working at the home? Will they sleep there?
This differs from home to home, but typically there is a one to one or a one to two (depending on the needs of the residents) ratio of staff to residents. They operate in a three shift model, with care staff awake at all times.

+How many residents will live in the home?
This differs from home to home, but typically there are 3-5 residents. Each resident will have their own bedroom, with shared common areas.

+Are these homes licensed?
Yes. Each of the homes developed for the SDC closure are licensed by the Community Care Licensing Division of the Department of Social Services (CCL). Information about CCL can be found here:

+Who do I contact if I have questions about this home?
For questions related to a home that recently closed escrow or is currently undergoing renovations, please contact a member of the Brilliant Corners Housing Development Department:
For property management related questions regarding a home that is currently operating, please contact a member of the Supportive Housing Management Department:
If you are experiencing any problems concerning how the home is operating, you may contact the CCL Division of the Department of Social Services (see CDSS link above). Additionally, you may always contact your local regional center for more information. A link to a directory of regional centers can be found here: