Housing Los Angeles’s Homeless

Casa de Tres Amigos

From the amazement of learning how to use the modern washer and dryer to the excitement they expressed of being able to watch the soccer game in their own home on their 52” donated T.V. , there was absolutely no shortage of smiles while helping the self-named ‘Three Amigos’  transition from recuperative care and homelessness. Jorge quietly strolls through every inch of the home with his front wheel walker not missing a thing. Oscar demonstrates the custom-made glasses he’ll use to watch the soccer game (he is nearly legally blind). Ruben provides the glue for this tight trio – pointing to show Oscar where to sign, turning the pages of the leases his housemates, translating, even picking up lunch to celebrate their first day in a beautiful new home.

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program Permanent Supportive Housing Project (NPSHP) is the first of several Brilliant Corners projects in partnership with the LA County Department of Health Services Housing for Health initiative to create supportive housing for homeless DHS clients. Brilliant Corners provides property ownership, management, property-related tenant services.