Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool

The Los Angeles County Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool (FHSP) is a nationally-recognized supportive housing rent subsidy program that supports thousands of people with exiting homelessness each year.

Launched in 2014 as a public/private partnership and led by the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS), the FHSP (or simply “Flex Pool”) has experienced exponential growth. Together, we’ve housed over 11,000 people since its inception. Each month, we move 169 people out of homelessness and into permanent homes. The Flex Pool combines rent subsidies, landlord engagement, pinpointed tenant/landlord matching, and ongoing tenant services and intensive case management. Brilliant Corners is the operator of the Flex Pool and is responsible for securing a broad range of housing options and acting as the fiscal intermediary, including administering the rental subsidy and providing tenancy supports. Similar models have now been launched in San Francisco and San Diego.

    People Housed by FHSP


    A Range of Housing Options

    Brilliant Corners works to secure a broad range of housing options, including individual apartments, blocks of units or entire buildings. Brilliant Corners identifies and secures units county-wide; provides move-in assistance and rental subsidy disbursement; coordinates with case managers; and assists with landlord relations.


    Tenancy Supports

    Our person-centered model provides housing retention services to participants to ensure a smooth transition into housing, as well as ensuring they stay housed. This includes facilitating the move-in process, and working with the participant, case manager, and property provider to resolve all tenant-specific, housing-related issues.

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    Intensive Case Management Services

    LA County DHS contracts with over 80 non-profit partners across the County to ensure that all tenants have a dedicated case manager and wrap-around services to support their transition to permanent housing and promote housing stability. Case managers support participants to access health care, treatment, and benefits. Case managers are available to respond when issues arise and support the long-term success of the tenant.


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    Easy Landlord Participation

    • Improved Collections: On-time payments every month from Brilliant Corners. 
    • High Occupancy / Low Turnover: Reduced unit turnover cost and lower vacancy loss. Targeting long-term tenancy and housing stability.
    • Ease of Management: Dedicated point-of-contact for all tenant issues. Intensive case management and wrap-around services to support tenants and promote housing stability.

    People Housed through FHSP (cumulative)