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David credits his young daughter with motivating him to regain stable housing. What mattered most to him was having a welcoming place for her to visit. Brilliant Corners worked with him to get his own apartment, with a dedicated Housing Coordinator to help him navigate the process and connect him to the support services he needs to thrive. Now he’s created the safe space that he’s always wanted for him and his daughter: “Housing helped me build a foundation for my life,” he says.

For Mario, there’s no better feeling than having a place of his own. After experiencing homelessness, he was referred to Brilliant Corners, where his Housing Coordinator worked with him to move into a one-bedroom apartment. He relishes the opportunity to be alone, have control over his own space and design it to his liking. Mario’s name is on the lease and the property manager raves about him as an ideal tenant.

Eugene is the talented head chef at a well-known restaurant. As a young adult, however, he struggled with substance use, cycled in and out of the justice system and experienced homelessness. Eugene’s probation officer referred him to Breaking Barriers, a Brilliant Corners program serving adults on felony probation. Through Breaking Barriers, Eugene accessed housing and case management services, as well as job training opportunities that helped him launch a career in the food industry. Housing provided Eugene the stability he needed to excel in his life and career. “It feels amazing to live in a place of my own. I have a real sense of independence.”


“Brilliant Corners is a system-changing innovation.  It’s more cost-effective to fund them and their partners than continue to have people in emergency rooms, jails and the shelter system.”


RAND Corporation

What Our Partners Are Saying

“What is most needed is better coordination, collaboration and innovation and I think Brilliant Corners brings all of that to the table in spades.”

Karina Moreno

Chief of Staff, Tipping Point Community

“Brilliant Corners operationalized our vision of doing ‘whatever it takes.’ Their success with the Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool speaks to the cooperative, resourceful, can-do culture that underlies all of their work.”

Dr. Mitch Katz

President and CEO, NYC Health + Hospitals
Former Director of L.A. County Health Agency
Former Director of the San Francisco Department of Public Health

“I feel like somehow I hit the jackpot.  Brilliant Corners is the first agency like this that I’ve dealt with that when you talk to them you feel like you’re talking to people, not an ‘it.’ They came across straight — and they have been straight with me.“

Mike M.


“Thanks to our partnership with Brilliant Corners, we are almost doubling the number of people we are housing every year.”

Whitney Lawrence

Director of Policy and Planning, Los Angeles County Housing for Health Division

“It’s one of the few programs that I feel, as a landlord, really goes out of the way to cater to your needs just as much as they do the applicant.”

Ian Hollinger


“Having Brilliant Corners find market-rate apartments for many people who had lived in institutional care for years and years was really an eye-opener.  They demostrated their creativity and willingness to seek alternative solutions, which many people had not been able to do before.”

Marc Trotz

Former Housing for Health Director, L.A. County Department of Health Services
Former Housing Director, San Francisco Department of Public Health